Responsible AI

Today, the possibility of leveraging Exponential Technology to create societal impact at scale seems more attainable than ever before but we also realise that "With great power comes great responsibility."

We, at, acknowledge our responsibility to develop systems ethically that generate a positive "Exponential Delta" for society by addressing concerns about Accountability, Transparency, Explainability, Privacy, and Security. In the process, we ensure the agency of the users while they interact with the platform. To accomplish these objectives, we are establishing an array of capabilities, including:

Trust - Ensuring that the knowledge and insights generated are reliable and credible, and originate from sources the users can trust

Inclusion- Enabling diverse actors of the users’ networks to participate easily and effectively in the change processes, thereby ensuring every voice is heard and valued

Choice- Designing in a way that the users have options to choose from while interacting with the platform, helping them decide the best course of action and outcomes relevant to their contexts

Provenance - Maintaining traceability to the sources of knowledge.

Telemetric governance - Providing transparency and a better understanding of the interactions that happen on the platform.

Feedback Loops - Establishing a process of continuous learning and improvement.

Credentialed users - Granting access to qualified and trustworthy users.

Bias Mitigation - Incorporating best practices and approaches to mitigate bias.

By fostering a culture of openness, recognizing inequalities, embracing diversity and instituting the right governance, we believe it is possible to design platforms powered by Exponential Technology that transform societies.